It is Super Bowl Sunday!!!! I am still excited even though the Giants or no other New York team is not playing. However, I am behind the Broncos today as Peyton Manning has done a great job. Well, that is it for football. I want to share the importance of eating on time. Yesterday I had a full schedule. I ate breakfast but was not able to eat until 6.5 hours later. They were a number of circumstances that contributed to that. This morning my body was not feeling the greatest because of the deviation from the normal design. I am using one of my 9 Simple Steps, Mindset and Transmutation to make it a great Sunday and be productive today. It is the middle of the day but I am up, about and moving. I will get tasks done today but I will be relaxing with my family most of all. Even though yesterday was not the best in one area, I am back on track today. Life is best when lived by design. Have a great Sunday and remember, YOU can live your life by design too.