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Life Coaching is about equipping you at this moment while planning for tomorrow.

It really is about stepping into your own story and determining the next best step forward.

Our sessions, which can happen face to face, over the phone, or even via Skype, will be about paying attention to your needs and striding in the direction of practical change in the areas you desire to focus on intently.

But you may be asking yourself, what precisely do people converse about in a coaching session? Well, you have different options. We can look at your particular situation, problem, dream, or objective, pinpointing areas that require change and the right way to make it happen. Or we can embark on Targeted Coaching, in which your sessions will go after a theme over 3, 9, or up to 30 sessions. In Targeted Coaching, I will ensure that you get specialized tools and structure as a way to allow you to see measured growth.

Dean’s Coaching Services

I’d be happy to discuss the best coaching option for you in your free consultation session, so please don’t hesitate to request an appointment today!

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Who Recommend Dean?

Dean has been helping me for a long time on different projects.  He provides wise and expert advice.  If you have the opportunity to be in constant contact with Dean, you better do it. My life has changed since I have him available to answer my questions and coaching me on my struggles
Pastor Cortés, Pastor Cortes . NET
If You have the chance to Work with Dean, take it.  He will guide you to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish, no matter the challenge.  He will show you how to actually get it done.
Jonathan Budd, Futuristic Marketing
 Just wanted to let you know I am almost finished reading your book and it is excellent. I found my husband reading over my shoulder at times. I totally agree with all your ideas. You take them one step more to really work on it.
Mary R