Questions to ask your neurologist 



The first step to overcome a disease is to fully understand it. Of course, that does not involve being an expert in the field, not even it is essential to follow one and all research done on the subject; but understanding pretty well what it is about may lead to better solutions. Peripheral neuropathy is damage to the peripheral nerves that carry information to central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and bring back the reply from it. It is a two-way road, to put it clearly. These nerves can transport sensory, sensitive, motor and autonomic information, so that the variability of symptoms is very wide. Moreover, peripheral neuropathy obeys to diverse causes, so prognosis and treatments may differ.


Having an excellent communication with your neurologist is essential. Though we can read a lot about peripheral neuropathy,  each case is unique and unrepeatable, so understanding our particular disease is based on that communication with our neurologist. Once the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy is done, we must establish the relationship with the neurologist, especially in the sense of clearing all our doubts.

A patient with a diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy wants to know many things. A first step is to write down all that questions as they arise. On many occasions it seems our questions are not that important and, that is a mistake. The key is not to pretend to be smart in front of our physician, but to let him solve our doubts. Do not be afraid to ask something just because it seems too simple.


Maybe sorting all those questions before your appointment and writing them down helps us a lot. For instance, we can ask about the disease that has caused peripheral neuropathy, evolution, conventional and alternative treatments, convenience of joining support groups, etc. As they say, there are no diseases but sick people. Each patient is different and would face the situation from its own angle.


Not a minor detail is to choose well the neurologist that will treat our peripheral neuropathy, not only by choosing the more knowledgeable one, but someone who can provide us a good level of information. A good doctor not only will clear up all of our doubt we have in written, but he surely will expand on those answers.




If you want to do a list of questions you can start by reading about Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy Here 



Share with us the list of questions you have asked or you would ask your doctor and how did he handle them.