What treatmens exist for Peripheral Neuropathy?


To be able to understand the meaning of peripheral neuropathy, you must first understand the two categories of nerves. The first category is the nerves that are within the brain and the spinal cord, and the second is the nerves that connect the various parts of the body to the brain and the spinal cord. The latter type is referred to as peripheral nerves. When one or more of these nerves is damaged, it results in a condition called peripheral neuropathy. This may happen due to diabetes, exposure to toxins, traumatic injury or infections. The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy include impairment of dermatomes (nerves to essential organs), numb feeling in the hands and feet and intense pain at the point of damage.


Treatments for peripheral Neuropathy


The first category of treatment for peripheral neuropathy is the use of medication, especially when the underlying problem is an infection that can be treated. Most of the times, treating this infection in the initial stages will cure the condition. Medication can also help to reduce the pain in other types of this condition.
A category of peripheral neuropathy called carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated by rest. This type is caused by overuse of particular parts of the body, for instance your hands. Typing for extremely long periods will cause this kind of neuropathy, and treatment involves resting your hands.
Laser therapy
Quite recently, laser therapy has been used to treat peripheral neuropathy. Light Level Laser Treatment (LLLT) has been used successfully to treat this condition. Light with a wavelength of 78nm is directed on the part affected by the condition. It has to be repeated frequently over a period of not more than two weeks.
Conventional treatment
Conventional drugs such as Amitriptyline and Imipranine will help reduce the effects of this condition. They are actually anti-depressants, and they will reduce the pain. Anti-seizure medication may also be necessary, and an example is Phenytion.
Physical therapy
The importance of physical therapy can never be overemphasized. It is essential to even people that are recovering from peripheral neuropathy. The main objective of this is to recondition the body and hence rectify the nerve connections as well as tone the muscles for proper coordination and gait. This condition may affect a person’s movement, and after treatment, on may have problems with movement. It is imperative therefore that physical therapy be done to restore a person to the normal state. Please note that you should get an expert physical therapist to help you with this, since it is a very sensitive process.
Minerals and Vitamins
These two are essential to nerve functioning and repair. People with the condition are advised to take foods rich in minerals and vitamins since the whole nerve communication process is aided by the two.


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