Peripheral neuropathy can be due to many causes, so its prognosis, care and treatment depend on the root cause. However all peripheral neuropathies have a common factor which is damage to the nerves (one or more nerves, bilaterally, unilaterally, progressively or not) transporting information to the central nervous system and, in turn bring back a response from it. Peripheral neuropathy is a two way road that can affect in a very diverse way. When sensibility and motility of the lower limbs is affected one must take special care of the feet.

Peripheral neuropathy affecting sensibility will cause in many cases that the brain does not receive the right information about that zone. If there is a foot injury, no pain will be felt, so the infection or injury will surely advance notably without the person even noticing. For this reason a patient with peripheral neuropathy who loses its sensibility must check its feet daily. If there is no chance to perform an intensive check, someone else should do it. Having a good hygiene is essential, with the skin properly hydrated and discarding the presence of any injury, no matter how tiny it is. You have to check every day the space between the toes.


Anyone with peripheral neuropathy with problems in the lower limbs must have its nails trimmed regularly. Better yet if a specialist can take care of it. Probably it is necessary for the first times then, the patient can do it fine at home.


When you have peripheral neuropathy, any early onset corns or calluses must be detected. After the bath, if the specialist allows, with the smoother skin, you can use a very light lime. Contact immediately if there is an injury.

One care not to forget is to always check with your hands or any area with normal sensibility the water temperature in the bath or shower, before introducing your feet. Peripheral neuropathy can affect your sensibility to heat, so special emphasis must be added to avoid burns.


Shoes should be comfortable; when you buy a new pair you should start using from one to two hours maximum and always check if it does not hurt. Always use good quality clean socks.


With all these cares, a patient with peripheral neuropathy will keep its feet healthy and safe.



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