How is your sleep lately? Getting proper sleep is as important as eating nutritious foods, exercising, reducing stress and taking care of yourself. When you sleep your body goes through a process of repair and restoration. If you work out, the muscles are repaired when you are sleeping, your mind is refreshed as well. If you are not sleeping well and have interrupted sleep, your body and mind will not be in great shape for the day ahead. Some benefits of sleeping well are:


Feeling alert and refreshed in the morning
Healthy Immune system
Relaxed body, less pain
Maintain a healthy blood pressure
Maintain a healthy nervous system (helpful if you have peripheral neuropathy)
Maintain a healthy weight
Happier spouse :-)
These are only a few of the benefits of getting proper sleep. You should visit your doctor and inform him/her if you are having difficulty concentrating while driving, working, falling asleep during conversations, irritable, more pain or feeling chronically fatigued. Your doctor can diagnose you with whatever is causing these problems. One problem could be Sleep Apnea.

This is especially important if you have peripheral neuropathy as you want your nervous system to get fully refreshed with nutrients and oxygen rich blood. With sleep apnea you don’t get enough air supply while you asleep and you wake up many times during sleep to catch your breath. You should still speak with your doctor even if you are not overweight or have any of the typical conditions of a person with sleep apnea. I was in one of the best shape in my life and I was consistently keeping my wife from sleeping well because of my snoring. I did not think I snored until I woke up one night and I heard the tail end of a loud snore. I saw my primary care doctor and was referred to a doctor who specialized in sleep studies. After a few visits and 2 sleep studies later, I received my CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine.

I had to adjust to the CPAP machine but after a month it did not bother me and I started to see and feel the benefits. Also, my wife was able to sleep better as my snoring stopped. I was reluctant at first because I did not think I had sleep apnea as I was in great shape but I am happy now that I eventually did. Go and see your doctor and get evaluated if there is a concern about sleep apnea or any other conditions affecting your quality of sleep. I now sleep better, less aches, and I am more refreshed in the mornings.


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