What about Excercise and Peripheral Neuropathy?



Peripheral Neuropathy is damage to the peripheral nerves produced by diverse causes. As the peripheral nerves have the function of carrying information from the body to the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the same backwards (from the central nervous system to the periphery), it is easily understood that when the information highway (nerves) is damaged, the free transit of information back and forth ends up damaged.


To be more clear. Wrong or incomplete information arrives (i.e. areas of anesthesia, tingling, numbness, etc…) and so does with the response (affective movement, muscle tone, etc…). Causes of peripheral neuropathy are in turn very varied. However, anyone who suffers from peripheral neuropathy often seems to benefit from an appropriate exercise regimen.

When peripheral neuropathy affects mobility, exercising becomes very important. Of course, these should be prescribed by a physician, so as to adapt to each particular situation. For instance, a peripheral neuropathy patient with a serious mobility condition requires a different support than other patient with a much more limited condition.


For peripheral neuropathy patients with an altered mobility preserving joint health is fundamental. In that sense a physician will prescribe exercises, most of them passive, which are essential for improving prognosis.

But one must not forget to those patients with peripheral neuropathy who are not affected by mobility issues, an appropriate exercise regimen should be designed for them, too. Peripheral neuropathy has diverse causes, so it is not right to generalize, but a high percentage of peripheral neuropathy patients benefits from exercising, as they improve overall wellness, a very important aspect for anyone with peripheral neuropathy.


In case someone has been prescribed an exercise regimen, the patient with peripheral neuropathy should never forget to use proper footwear for exercise, above all if sensitivity is damaged, as can be injured without realizing. Protecting the health of your feet is essential for all patients with peripheral neuropathy.


We can conclude by saying that proper exercise can be very beneficial for patients with peripheral neuropathy, but only a trained professional should design those exercises.


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