And What about the diet?



Peripheral neuropathy is a condition caused by damage to the peripheral nerves, more or less extensive, more or less symmetrical and by variable causes. Peripheral nerves are the ones in charge of transporting information back and forth from the central nervous system to any area of the body (things like closing the hand, or moving your feet, are examples). As there are too many varied possibilities for each patient with peripheral neuropathy the treatment varies as well to fit its condition. On the other hand, if we consider peripheral neuropathy has many causes, we understand that both prognosis and treatment is also very varied. However, there are factors in common to most patients with peripheral neuropathy so it is possible to suggest recommendations applicable to many patients.

The diet for a patient with peripheral neuropathy varies according to its cause. Many of these patients are diabetics, so their diet matches properly the requirements and needs for that condition. Other patients with peripheral neuropathy are alcoholics, so besides forbidding its consumption the diet should overcome the classical issues faced by these patients. If a patient with peripheral neuropathy is obese, the diet should adequate in order to lose weight. In some patients with celiac disease, peripheral neuropathy can be its sole manifestation. These patients should remove gluten completely from their diet.



The diet for a patient with peripheral neuropathy should be properly balanced and healthy. Vitamins have an important role, so emphasizing in foods containing those is essential (fruits and vegetables). The quantity of protein is also important, but we have to consider if the patient with peripheral neuropathy has adequate renal function as to define the right amounts. Peripheral neuropathy does not cause renal damage, but there are diseases that cause both conditions (i.e. diabetes). Whole grain cereals are the best option, with minimum processing for better fiber consumption. Patients with peripheral neuropathy should have a diet with proper amounts of healthy fats, especially Omega 3 and 6.


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