How Does Peripheral Neuropathy Affects Intimacy?

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that causes damages to peripheral nerves that connect with the central nervous system, causing a disruption in the transmission of information round trip from and to the central nervous system and the area of the body affected. Among the most common problems but not limited to these there is the inability to feel sensations, moving, dysfunctional organs and glands, all this depending upon the affected nerve.

Peripheral neuropathy is a problem that affects not only to the patient, but to the loved ones who in many occasions, more than usual, must occupy a central place in the lives of those affected when taking charge of many of the most common daily activities, that in turn, leads to intimacy problems with couples whose relationship is equally or more affected by this problem, depending on the degree of understanding and support the partner shows to the patient with peripheral neuropathy.


For instance, simple things like having to walk with a cane, above all if you are too young for using such device, that may cause your partner to feel upset or embarrassed by seeing you in that condition. Again, it all depends on how involved your partner is with you to support and love you no matter what, as we see some partners that take care even more than you about your problem with peripheral neuropathy by following strictly your doctor’s recommendations.

Another situation presents in patients with peripheral neuropathy with diabetes, some might blame their sudden lack of interest on intimacy to their workload, when they truly are unaware that diabetes is the subjacent cause.

For women with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy things can be even worse, since they may experience difficulty to lubricate, enjoy orgasms or even feel sexual desire, due to some nerve damage. Add to this the sudden mood changes by the abrupt swings in blood glucose levels, stress and you will end up with a harsh situation affecting even the most loving relationship.

However, research show that those patients with peripheral neuropathy with good diabetes control might enjoy a normal and satisfactory intimacy with their couple.

The key in these cases with intimacy problems related to peripheral neuropathy is to have an understanding and supportive partner so the patient can overcome the problem and enjoy even more those intimate moments despite of peripheral neuropathy.




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