Macrophages and plasma cells are special kinds of white blood cells involved in immunity.

One of the functions of macrophages involve engulfing invading bacteria. It then digests the bacteria using special enzymes and peroxides. In addition, macrophages are considered to be scavengers, digesting and riding the body of old, dead cells. They also play a crucial role in the immune system by “presenting” invading organisms to the T cells to be killed.

Plasma cells are white blood cells that produce antibodies for the body. They start out as B cells, created in the bone marrow. When these B cells encounter an invading organism such as bacteria, they internalize it, and present it to a T cell. The T cell would then trigger the B cell to mature into a specialized cell, known as a plasma cell. The plasma cell would then produce large amounts of antibodies that would be specific to those particular invading bacteria.

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