It has been a few months since my last post to you but I
have been busy with my website developer and the team to bring the
best to you. It is good to be writing to you on a beautiful warm
spring afternoon.
You have to choose nearly every minute of the day. Do I snooze
the alarm or do I get up and exercise? Do I take a long or short
shower? So many choices. You had to choose to open this email too.
If you did, I am glad that you are reading. Let’s continue
I have made many choices over the years and I am where I am
today because of those choices. You normally make a choice based on
a question or after something has happened. You ask yourself
“what should I do now?” Some of the choices are easier
than others. I have learned to follow my instincts most of the
time. Other times I listen and observe someone who have gone
through similar experiences and have benefited from their choice. I
have gotten results that I did not want based on some choices I
chose in the past and I have gotten great results from other
choices I made. One of those choices was to listen to my physical
therapist when I was in the inpatient rehabilitation center and do
my exercises. It was painful in the beginning but I soon saw the
My ebook “9 Simple Steps to Reduce The Pain From Peripheral
Neuropathy or Chronic Pain shows you how the steps I used to live
my life of design. It shows you how I recovered from Multi-Organ
Failure, overcame the high pain levels from peripheral neuropathy
and other chronic pain. You have a choice to purchase or not to
purchase. Whichever one you choose is ok. However, I hope you
choose to take the step that change your life and put you on the
path you desire.
The website has a new look and I would love to know what you
think. So pick up your ebook today and there are still a few spots
left for 15 minute consult with me. Choose and

Look forwarding to speak with you and have a great week!!!!