Is there any connection between Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy?


For a patient with peripheral neuropathy and even for anyone related to this person, understanding fully what is this condition about, is a key step to achieve optimal quality life. Peripheral neuropathy is damage to the peripheral nerves which are those that carry information from the body to the central nervous system and bring back a response or an order from it.

It is a two way road where information goes in both ways. Any interruption on this flow may lead to wrong actions (like tingling), not transporting any information (like, anesthesia zones) or not delivering enough information, like an order for moving (like, paralysis areas or loss of strength).


As we see, variations are many and causes of peripheral neuropathy are many, too. Diabetes, however, is one the most frequent causes of peripheral neuropathy, so every patient diagnosed with diabetes should know the necessary about the issue.

All patients with diabetes should be especially careful with their condition to avoid such complications. However, once you have peripheral neuropathy, a patient must follow some especial cares. As the problem with a diabetes patient is much more important in lower limbs, we will emphasize in some especial aspects.



  1. As areas with altered sensitivity in negative sense for a diabetes patient and peripheral neuropathy are very common, it is important to rule out lesions with a careful daily examination. If patient does not have good eyesight or mobility, other person must cooperate to perform a daily feet check.


  1. In patients with diabetes, due to this very condition, have it hard to heal and easy to get infections, so any minor injure should be treated immediately.


  1. All patients with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy should be extremely careful with foot hygiene. Footwear should always be adequate, without being baggy and without areas that can hurt. Using natural fiber socks is an excellent idea.


  1. A well treated diabetic patient have no reason to develop peripheral neuropathy, but if that happened, should be very strict in care, so as not to have complications.



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