What Excercises you can do for Peripheral Neuropathy



Peripheral Neuropathy is a term that describes degeneration and damage of one or more of the peripheral nerves. It occurs when the nerves become severed, compressed or injured. This damage implies that the messages that travel between your peripheral nervous system and central system are disrupted. This leads to unpleasant sensations including symptoms such as tingling, numbness, pain and lack of coordination, particularly in the hands and feet. While many medical experts recommend rest, in many cases exercise can help mitigate peripheral symptoms, restore balance, improve mobility and ease the nerve compressions. Here are some best body exercises for peripheral neuropathy that you can consider.


Flexibility Exercises: According to the American Academy of Neurology, constant repeated stretching all throughout the day as a part of your exercise program can help to alleviate numbness and tingling associated with peripheral neuropathy. Additionally, stretches that include reaching for the toes while standing, reaching the arms above the head and carrying out torso rotations can prove quite beneficial. You can perform these exercises for five minute interval five times every day to experience symptom improvement.

Cardiovascular Training: This kind of exercise is the fat burning portion of the peripheral neuropathy exercise regime. You can perform exercises that pump up your heart and help to boost blood flow and promote weight loss. Exercises such as riding a bicycle, walking or jogging for at least 45 minutes, five days in a week can help improve symptoms.


Resistance Training: This kind of training involves lifting weights with the help of resistance bands or leveraging the body’s own resistance, so as to build muscle. If you experience peripheral neuropathy in the lower legs or feet, then you can opt for toe pointing, calf raises and flexing as these are resistance training exercises that help to build muscles in these particular areas. For your arms, you can perform shoulder presses, bicep curls and wrist circles as these are very helpful exercises. If you are using weights, you must begin slowly in the beginning to prevent soreness and post exercise pain. This type of training is particularly useful for older adults who are not able to perform cardiovascular exercises and are wheelchair bound.



Exercising to mitigate peripheral neuropathy offers tremendous benefits to both mind and body. Through these exercises you speed the process of regrowth. Therefore begin your exercise program and start reducing your pain, tingling and burning sensation today.