There are eight known B-vitamins. These vitamins are all considered to be water soluble, meaning that any excess amounts are excreted in the urine. They are found in sources such as meat, beans, potatoes, and whole grains.

B complex vitamins are important for overall health and well being. B vitamins, such as B12, B1, biotin, and folate in particular, play an important role in healthy nerve function.

B complex vitamin supplements may help to improve some mild- moderate symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Vitamin B12 in particular plays a role in the formation and maintenance of myelin, which is the sheath covering surrounding the nerve. B12 is also available as a shot and can be given every few weeks to help with neuropathy symptoms. B12 Methylcobalamin sublingual tablets are a great source of B12. Caution however, must be used with supplements because excessive amounts of B6 and B12 vitamins can lead to peripheral neuropathy as well. Follow the recommended dosages.

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